Ou Est Le Swimming Pool meets IMTV

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool sat down backstage at the Oxegen Festival with IMTV to sing an acoustic version of single ‘Jackson’s Last Stand’.

Conor Behan had a chat with Caan Capan and Charles Haddon away from the rain in the Nokia marquee, where they talked about their single and looking forward to touring far and wide for the rest of the year as well as their album launch, which was set to be on top of the Empire State Building. The band finished by playing another acoustic version of their song ‘Dance the Way I Feel’.

Tragically Chazz Haddon passed away a month after this interview was given, but a tribute concert, Chazzstock, is planned at the Koko in London on the 4th of October 2010. Our best to the band, Chazz’s family and of course the fans.

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